Fruit syrup for yogurt

Fruit syup for yogurt recipe

Fruit Syrups for yogurt production are used to provide flavor and sweetness to dairy products, such as yogurts. These syrups are generally crafted from fruit purees or concentrates and sugars or other sweeteners, adding the necessary aroma and color. Syrups are typically mixed with milk before fermentation to impart flavor to the yogurt. Some of the most common flavors include strawberry, raspberry, peach, apricot, mixed fruit, and other tropical flavors like passion fruit. Fruit syrups are an efficient way to add flavor, color, and sweetness to yogurt, as they are easy to handle in large-scale production and can be precisely dose

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Quality standard in fruit syrups for yogurt

At the fruit syrup manufacture, it is very imporant to  control the texture and acidity. These two parameters are closely linked to the quality of the yogurt being produced. 

Adding fruit syrup to yogurt allows the flavoring of the same raw material with a multitude of different flavors, and even the addition of fruit chunks. 

These fruit pieces are typically added in sizes ranging from 6x6 mm to 8x8 mm, as they are ideal for this application. Chunks of 10x10 mm are usually too large for yogurt production.

It's important to note that the quality and choice of ingredients for yogurt syrup production depend greatly on the customer's needs. It's not uncommon for each customer to have their specific recipe, as this sets them apart from the rest of the competitors.

The most common packaging for these fruit syrups includes aseptic 265 kg drums or frozen buckets. 

Another important point to consider with these products is that the addition of preservatives can be counterproductive in natural yogurts, as they can kill the lactic ferments that provide the product's special characteristics